Double Exposure Tutorial

Hi Diane

I don't recall ever seeing a tutorial for making a double exposure in CA2 but one way to achieve 'that look' could be:

Start with 3 layers - Background layer plus No.1 and No.2 above

Add your 'top' photo (probably a cutout?) to Layer 1 and then Copy & Paste that photo to Layer 2.

Add your second photo to the Background layer

Click the 'M' symbol on Layer 1 to make that a 'Mask' Layer

Increase the 'Transparency' of the photo (the Transparency slider in the Colour Tab) on Layer 2 (the copy of the top photo at the top of the pile!) to let the photo on the bottom layer show through. You can then move the bottom photo around to get the positioning just right.

I hope this might help.......perhaps someone else will come along with a better solution! ;)


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I did it for a challenge on an other site, but I can't remember the exact steps, let me see if I can dig the page out and work backwards..


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I use a few layers building it up gradually.... Background with photo ..then another photo on a layer above...transparency is done in small pieces and saving as picture as you go.... If the transparency is done a little at a time like this is more controllable how you would like the finish to be..

Hope this helps Diane..but there are many ways to doing a Double Exposure..but this is easy. ♥

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I'm sure we all have different ways to do this but this is how I achieve the look, hope it helps x

Double Exposure in CA2.jpg