Fantasy Page Challenge


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My vision of hope for tolerance and respect, with :
3 Photos pixabay (sky and sea - boat - wings)
2 tubes-mist by me (B57_1239748624_EricFortune_05_10 & B57_awanttobelieve72_EricFortune_05_10)
1 photo perso (my granddaughter)


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Its lovely Ursula, at least your tried, I dont think I could ever make something like this, not even game to try.
Jody, just plonk all sorts of different images on a page and then just have fun with them by moving them about, trying different blend modes, perhaps masking off parts of the never know what might happen, there are no rules! :)


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Well I was not going to even attempt this, but decided to jump in. I have also decided I am a non-talent in this department. I am sort of happy with what I have made, but doubt I have enough imagination to make another, (not fishing for compliments here, I really dont think I am up to this type of art). My first time using free stock images too. I used a photo of Dunrobin Castle in Scotland for my background and added the dragons and bats.