Feb 2016 Creative Tutorial | Using the Magic Wand


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This was exhilarating!! I knew it would be :) Thank you soooo much for teaching us this wonderful technique, Ona. Here's mine...



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I know you gals are super talented because I have been enjoying your work all these months, but you have all outdone yourselves with this challenge. The artistry is beyond digi-scrapping - it's no less art than a painter or sculptor. I cannot believe what I have seen in this challenge.

Amazing - just amazing - how this technique lends itself to creating such art.

Congratulations to all of you. Fantastic, just fantastic.
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oh! very upbeat and modern looking layout!! love that you kept the tones to soft greys Lella, and then the black sketch effect out front! very creative!!


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Ona, thank you for hosting the fun challenge and for the fabulous tutorial.



some of the amazing pages led me to the forums for this tutorial.. wow, this is awesome!! I can't wait to give it a try :) thank you for the tutorial!


I thought I uploaded my attempt yesterday, but since I cannot find it I assume I did not
I hope I have done this right, if not I certainly had fun doing it. thank you for the challenge. I will put up the original photo as well

Not sure if I have done this right, but really had a lot of fun doing it... thank you for the challenge

Sue C

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I just had to do another of these ... Cash is adorable in this photo ... sitting on the hardwood floor with all this snow on his face. I took the snow and added a snow style, created layers of his fur and turned them to brown tones to bring out his beautiful coat and added a style to his eyes as well.



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Hey Ev...quit saying you are old. You are younger than I am...so if you are old that makes me a dinosaur....LOL.


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I saw this in the gallery yesterday and I loved it! fabulous work and great subject to work with! You have created a very artsy and original page!


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i igv eup - not even getting anything close - even tried your photo of girl with cmaera and it all came out awful.

the wand either selects hardly anythng or way too much. so used quick section tool instead with same awful results. the section tool is not the problem . i mus t be missing something in the instructions.