Feb 2019 Scraplift Challenge


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Jen Maddocks Designs says this about scraplifting...
A method of scraplifting (and perhaps the most common one) is to simply adapt a certain part of a layout design for your own purposes. See a layout online that you love? Take a moment to carefully examine it. What exactly is it about the layout that draws you in? Use of color? A photography technique? Try isolating one or more elements that particularly appeal to you, and try them on a page of your own. Consider the following elements when analyzing layouts:

  • Color combination
  • Theme of the page
  • Use of a particular product or embellishment
  • Overall design/layout of page elements
  • Use of handmade creations (i.e. freehand drawing, hand-cut elements, etc)
  • Photography
  • Storytelling/journaling perspective
By isolating the elements of a page that you truly love, you can quickly and easily adapt them into ideas of your own. Quite often, pages "lifted" in this method become your own creations, bearing little or no resemblance to the original!
In January, I chose a page with lots of circles to scraplift. This month, I was inspired by the squares on this page by Patricia, the one I chose to scraplift for the challenge:



love a challenging challenge
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That is a gorgeous page for inspiration, if I have time I will definitely play


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thank you for choosing my Layout Kim!
I wanted to go to the gallery to see what I used... but I am locked out... I have no access... apparently I am not a registered member... :-37
I don't understand.. I am logged in and can post in the forum... but not in the gallery (I can't even look!)..


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Thank you Kim for the challenge .. The squares inspired me I had a go at making my own frame.xxx


Sue C

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I love this challenge and the pieces already posted .... will check back on Wednesday


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Great Scrap Lift Challenge, Kim. Hope this fits the criteria! I used the new Every Day Counts #3 from G&T Designs for this. xoxox
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Absolutely marvelous. I really like the way you made the girl stand out from the grid.


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Such a cute photo, Sherry! Love the iguana (?) outside the squares. Beautiful colors and fantastic page! Thank you for participating in the scraplift challenge!


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I love your squares, Wendy! Gorgeous page, the watercolor feel is fabulous. Lovely colors and blending. Thank you for participating in the scraplift challenge!