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Feb.Progressive Scrap Challenge


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I've been gone all day: I've been on a 160 mile round trip: I went to Tucson & picked up my new iPhone. I would of had to of waited until March 9th for them, just to send it off. It's already been a week since my iPhone died. I'm back if anyone wants the next step? In the meantime, I shall keep busy in the gallery, etc.......!!


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Glad you got your new phone, Cyndi!

Since you posted the 4th step yesterday, I'd say tomorrow would be a good day to post the final step. That will give those who need to time to catch up and those of us waiting time to anticipate what's next! ;)


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Kim says above to wait until tomorrow. So, that I will do. Besides playing with my new/old iPhone. My old iphone got fried & died, & so I cried: L.O.L. It's more expensive to get a 6, so I still have a 5s..Still I'm happy to have an iphone, though I do miss a lot of the contacts that I wasn't able to update!! C-Ya 2morrow (see You Tomorrow).


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Caught up again, :)
Day 3
I did a very soft field blur on the background paper and then used soft light on the diamond paper.

Day 4
I string and 7 elements added.


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Day 5

@ This point, blurred & blended effects do not need to remain, unless you want them to!!

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Experience is my teacher!! In the meantime, I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.
Experience is my teacher & I hope to do better, next time around!!