February 2016 Just Art Challenge


Welcome to February (this year is already going by fast)!!! This month we're going to have a little art lesson. I'm sure you're all familiar with the color wheel, but if not, I've got one below.

What we're going to do this month is a layout using an analogous color scheme. What's that? It basically means colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Here's my example ...

I played off the colors in the photo (you don't have to do this) and came up with the colors orange, yellow and yellow green. Your job is to pick 3 adjacent colors and create a page using just those colors. As you can see from my example, you can make them saturated, desaturated, dark, light ... so you're really working with more than 3 colors.

To help you along, I've got some brushes for you. These are not a requirement, just a fun bonus for doing the challenge. Since they are CU, I will be posting the link to the download in the Members Only thread of the forum.

When you're done, please post your works of art in the CHALLENGE GALLERY and link them back to this thread so we can all ooh and awe over them.



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Thanks for the great challenge Jill. The brushes are a wonderful bonus!!


Sue C

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ooohhhh ... I love love working with a colour wheel ... I've set many a quilting challenge using the colour wheel .. fun fun fun fun :) ... oh and great brushes too, Thank You Jil


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Jill, this will be a fun challenge. I was not able to download the Brushes - Paint Strokes 5 in the Freebies for registered members thread--the download was for Brushes - Paint Strokes 6 with 2 pngs.


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Well, ok, Jill !! I feel like I am back in my design classes in collage!!! But I LOVE it!!! We had one class just on color and the color wheel. Looking forward to doing this great challenge!!!


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Jill, thank you for fixing the link and thank you for the beautiful brushes!
Great challenge, Jill. I love your page. And all the others posted are beautiful! I could use some color training so this will be fun to try. Thank you!


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gotta get working on this one ... did I thank you for those brushes, Jill ... I sure meant to!