Our July Progressive Scrap starts this Sunday, 12th.  Thank you to Karen (Pekarokiki) who will be our host for this challenge.

February Progressive Challenge


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Watch this space... it's baaaack! Starting Sunday February 11. Hint for what is coming:... you will need at least 3 photos.

Welcome everyone to the Progressive Challenge for February 2018.

For those of you who, like me, look forward to this challenge each month a hearty welcome back and to those newbies, get your creative mojo going and prepare to have fun.
The Progressive is simply a blind recipe challenge. Every two days I will give you instructions and you apply them to your page. You can be as creative as you like as long it is obvious that the steps are followed. You may not alter anything on your page unless stated in the step that you may do so. Add shadows anytime unless told not to.

Post your page marked (Step 1, Step 2 etc.), in the Progressive Challenge gallery after you have completed each step then come back to this thread and post your page.

Claim a spot in this thread. Post all your pages in that one spot by editing your original space. That way I don’t miss anyone’s finished stages.

Are are you ready?

Day 1
I use PSE 2018 but I am sure that any program can do what follows. A visual is below for you.
Day1. Frame/template: DO NOT ADD SHADOWS at this time

This is a big day with lots to do. You are going to make a template. I will talk you through it, as it is not as demanding as you might think.
OR if you are faint of heart, find a ready-made template that has 6 photo spaces and jump to step 6. The photo spaces do not need to be square. Mine is an example only.

Make a grid Template:

1. Choose a paper and cut it to 6x8 rectangle. Place it vertically or horizontally on your page. Place it anywhere you like. This is mat #1
2. Make sure your page gridlines are visible (look under View). Make a new layer and use the grid to help form a square 2x2inches… fill in the square with black using the paint bucket. (if you want to use a different shape than a square go ahead just keep the shapes to a 2” size.)

3. Duplicate the black square until you have 6 squares all on separate layers

4. Using mat #1 to form a frame, move the squares so that you have 2 rows of squares ...3 on the top and 3 on the bottom equally spaced. Use your grid to help with spacing. The squares should not be touching the outer edges of mat #1. You can rotate the grid so that it is horizontal if you wish.

5. Link all layers together for safety. This is our photo grid that sits on mat #1

6. Create mat #2 . It should be slightly larger than mat #1. The mat can be anything … 1 single paper, woven/mesh, tiled shapes or paper pieces. It is up to your imagination. It can be centred as in the example of offside as you wish.

7. Position it as you wish under mat #1. Link all the pieces together. Place the linked mats either vertically or horizontally on your page.

​The diagram below is what I did but use it as a guide only.


Tuesday Feb 13
Day2: background

You all did it! I am so proud. lol We now have the photo grid and mats done which was the hardest part.
Here comes the fun. Some of you have put your grids on a background and will need to change that but it is no big deal.

- Start with two (2) papers. 1 patterned and 1 fairly plain or lightly textured.

- Place the patterned paper squarely on the page covering the total workspace but under your photo grid.

- Place the plain paper on top of the patterned paper and shrink the plain paper so that the patterned paper forms pleasing border beneath the plain paper. (Not too wide as you need space for later.) Keep the papers square on the page.

Add shadows to the top background paper and the mats only. Not the photo squares.

Now is the time to make sure your 2 mats and photo squares are linked. Adjust the size so that the full grid and mats take up less than half the space on the page. (Note I didn’t use measurements. lol The sizing is up to you.)

If you want to change the orientation of your grid, do it now.

If you wish to slip the bottom mat off centre do it now and move it toward the nearest paper edge.

- On the plain paper use brushes, stamps, textures or graffiti using a low opacity to decorate the plain paper. Keep it subtle but interesting.

Have fun.

Day 3. Photos- a fun day adding photos and do-dads

- choose 3 of your squares for photos.

- The remaining squares will be either papers or a combination of a paper and an element.

- Each of the black squares is exactly like a photo mask. Clip your photo/papers to the black
square. Link them to avoid slipping.

- If you are using an element rather than a photo to fill a square, add a paper first then if you wish, have the element hang outside of the square or inside like a shadow box.

- Put a thin stroke of about 10px around each individual square or instead, stitch the photos directly to the mat.

- Once you have the photos clipped to the squares, link all layers to stop any slipping. Now you can add shadows to each square. Make sure you add the shadow to the black square otherwise it will not show up.

- Attach mat #1 and #2 to the background papers anyway you want; stitch, button, hinge or staple etc.

- Add a big one word title along one of the longest sides of mat #2. Lighten the opacity of the text.

Day 4. Cluster

- In one of the background paper’s corners, create a corner cluster including at least 1 non floral element and tuck it in with the cluster.

- Slip pieces of ribbon and/or lace etc. between the top and bottom paper layers. You may place the ribbons etc in a corner, a full side, or even surround the entire paper layer.

- create a second cluster in the opposite corner from the first cluster creating a diagonal sightline. Keep this one smaller and simpler.

Step 5. Final Monday Feb. 19 Finishing:

Choose 1 option:
-Tuck a few other embellishments between the two paper layers but on top of the ribbon/lace you just added…. anywhere you want.

- hang a charm from the top edge of the page. (It can be added to the cluster you made for day 4)

Final touches:

- Resize/reposition the photo grid and mats if you want but only slightly, keeping the mat in the same general area.

- Add or remove no more than 2 items of your choice.

- Add shadows if you have not already done so.

I sure hope you like your page and had fun in the process. It has been fun for me to watch your pages appear.
Here is my inspiration made using
Kimeric Kreations: 'Frozen' available at TDC

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Kythe, thanks for the helpful hint. I appreciate knowing how many photos to have for the progressive scrap.

Elk Fan

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Your directions say three squares on the top and three on the bottom but your example has them vertical. Does ours need to be horizontal or like your example?


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Sherry, I don't think it matters.
1. Choose a paper and cut it to 6x8 rectangle. Place it vertically or horizontally on your page. Place it anywhere you like. This is mat #1


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Darn Evelyn!!! Jumped in ahead of me!!! Oh well, I will grab this spot. :-5

​WHOW!!!!! Hold everything!! I just went and read the instructions!! I have been trying for YEARS to learn how to make a template and have never been able to grasp it. And we have to make a template??????? :eek:
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Nah.. just follow the directions or look at the example and do your best... no judges here we are all 10’s


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Oh come on now. I have seen your work Nancy. I know you can do it. Just a bunch of squares put on top of two papers.


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Actually you can chicken out and use a ready made one that has 6 photo spaces then put it on two mats. I’m nice that way. Just make sure you resize so that you can put the photo template on your page.