February Progressive Scrap


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Thank you so much for this fun challenge Karen. As I went through the steps, it definitely got me longing for those summer days when I can see those wonderful little bees again. They are our unsung heroes.


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I added the netting, an edge overlay and a title. A fantastic challenge. I know I will use these steps in the future.



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I'm finally back online... with a tale to tell. :-11

Right after I had checked in about being in the Texas Snowmageddon, I came back inside and opened my computer to begin to play on the next step of the scrap. Welp! I'm guessing that one of the power outages blipped out my photoshop and my PSD file was now just a wood grain of red, no layers, no recovered file, just a single layer of red.
My screams startled my dogs greatly.

Thus began my "REBUILD" of the Progressive Scrap...
Step 1 was pretty easy, I remembered just how I did that.

Step 2 - the "Gesso over the top of it all" step, well, I had originally built that up with about 50 brush layers. Yeah, NO! But I found 2 overlays that basically gave the same effect.

Now comes Step 3 - insert photo & a cluster. I should mention that my photo hard drive crashed a few months ago (more screams that scared the dogs) - so I only have a few pics to work from AND no connectivity means no way to get on Pixabay... But this has ALL been about recovery & work-arounds soooo...

It was all about snow snow snow around here - and the birds were the only color that would show up, soooo...
At this point, I was beginning to recover my calm --- other than the fact that I had stress eaten my way through the frig.

Step 4 & 5 --- This is where it's good that you keep pushing me. I'd probably have stopped my page at this point. BUT, I need to add journaling or another cluster. I remember being told that a Cardinal showing up like this is someone from heaven coming to visit. Being in a season of loss, having just lost my father and being at my & my late hubby's anniversary, this poem was ringing true for me. So I added the poem. And for step 5, I added a title, beefed up my cluster and added the snow overlay.

I have to drive into town to get enough connectivity, so I am so particularly late. But I DID enjoy this ProgScrap - except for my computer failure - Thank you, Karen! I truly appreciate it all.
My Final Step: