February variety challenge


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OK, so I was going to wait to start this in March, but after reading the "Where Is Everybody" thread and seeing that you are all itching for more challenges (heh heh) I'll throw my first one up now.
This monthly (I hope, monthly!) challenge will be a variety of all sorts of goodies! This month will concentrate on filters, blended backgrounds and distorted photos. I use PSE 11.

1. I would like you to make a blended background with a filter added somewhere. Get in there and play around with those filters and see what each one does to your paper! Then add something else to blend into your background. Perhaps another paper, a paint blob, a blended photo, anything that you can blend into your backgroud.
2. Then add a distorted photo, meaning not just a photo with four straight edged plopped on your layout. Do something to the photo. Extract, blend, mask, make it more than just a photo.
3. Make the layout a white space layout.

Add your layout to the gallery and link it back here so we can give you LOTS of lovin!

Here is my example:
For my filter, I started with a plain blue background and added a Stained Glass Texture Filter (Click FILTERS, Click TEXTURES, Click STAIN GLASS) I played with the levers and ended up with Cell Size 27, Border Thickness 4 and Light Intensity 3.
For my blend, I added a paint blob to the paper, filled it with blue using the paint bucket tool, made it quite large , brought opacity down to 70 to blend it in .
For my photo, I started with a mask and merged the two layers. I then went to FILTER, DISTORT, LIQUIFY and with a brush size of 160 I pulled out pieces of the top and bottom of the photo to give it a wave appearance.
Now I know we all don't use PSE, so I am not going to be a stickler on this!!! The important things are a filter (if your program uses filters), a blended background, a photo other than just a square or rectangle photo and all on a white space layout. Oh, one more rule: HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!!

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Wow - what fun!! I can't wait to play around with this.
I got mine done, but I have to wait until 9th/10th to put it on the gallery. Will be back then :)
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Sue C

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Here's mine ... images are all ones I've cleaned up from old books, background is one of my museum photos ... this was so much fun and just what I needed after yesterday .. Thank You Nancy ) ... I filtered and polarized the background photo, blended a suede texture, merged all, duplicated the layer and added a photographic filter on the lower layer then used blend mode on the upper layer then added the vintage elements using more filters on two back ones and an effect on the dragonfly.

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OK, I never expected this!! You gals are blowing me away with your fabulous layouts!!!!! Sue, everything going on in your background is wonderful!!! What program do you use? Evelyn, I don't know how you did it, but I LOVE that splattered background. and I also love the subtle border edge. And then I look at the one by mocme and all that is going on in her background plus what she did to her photo and------I just LOVE you gals!!!!!!

Elk Fan

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I used a Palette Knife filter and blended in word art, flowers, netting and a bird. The photo was distorted using a Mosiac Mask and then blended in.


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Nancy, love the fabulous and creative challenge. I don't use filters and I'm not a white space person so it will definitely be a challenge for me.
I appreciate the detailed workflow of your example so I have some idea of what to do.


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Grace what program do you use to create your layouts? Photoshop and PSElements have their own sets of filters as does Paint shop Pro. So do a lot of other programs. So you may have some filters you can play with even if you're not aware of them.


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Grace, I hope ;you give it a try. This is what this monthly challenge will be all about. To S--T---R---E---T---C---H your imagination! Ask any questions here, and anyone is welcome to answer.


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Nancy ... gals - I use PSE12. Those holes ... it is a paint splatter that I applied LOW Style to ... there are 2 low styles and the 2nd one sinks the object into the paper ... played around with the color - this paint splatter started life as a deep pink glittery thingy but I used it to create a mask on that paper ... I don't do glitter
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Zanthia ... I don't believe you're not "good" with anything ... your layouts are very creative