February variety challenge


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Looking forward to creating something for this challenge--soon, I hope!


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I used the photo to make the background. First I used seamless tiling,then used Weaver(Toadies). I then duplicated the layer made a selection which I used hard light on
Used a mask on photo.



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I haven't used filters too much, I keep forgetting about them. On this page I used Underpainting on my paper, then masked in 2 photos, one of a lake, and one of the mountain. Then played around with more masking and blending of both of the pictures and the paper.


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Filters used on background papers: ocean ripple, warming filter green, paint daubs
Blending modes on papers, elements and word art
Mask used on photo
Used approx 1/3 of space for photo and other elements



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I think your page is absolutely beautiful, and the sentiment is a good one too.


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Veronika ... stop ... just stop apologizing for your English ... I should come over there and show you bad language ... you would be so proud of yourself after you heard me try to say anything in your language ;)


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my goodness ... I am always blown away when I see what everyone comes up with for a challenge ... I swear (I do that pretty often ;) ... each one is so well done ... I could spend all day here just looking this over and over again


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What a lot of outstanding pages!!! Here's my offering...

- Blended 2 pp together
- Applied soft light blend to top paper
- Applied diffuse glow filter
- Blended the shell photo with layer masks and brushes
- Applied a wallpaper stamp


hy ellen

Gosh I want to play with this...moving house at the moment so time is not mine but I will be back to have a go. Thank you.

Sue C

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oh oh so much fun is moving house :) :) NOT !! .... we moved in 2012 ... be careful lifting etc etc and remember everything will be here once you have settled in :)


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Sure hope your move goes smoothly. I have moved so much I could write a book. Its never fun!


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I've moved a lot too, and hate it with a passion. Good luck and I hope all goes well and you will have time to play soon. 'Time'...just another 4-letter word.