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February variety challenge


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Oh Heidi, this is so precious! Love the blended background and photo. Great layout!


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I am new to this site and am not sure where to post this question:
I have taken a few photos while on holiday and would like to work on the colours and doing some editing. I would like to know if anyone knows of any downloads for filters/saturation/enhancing? I did know - but after my computer crashed I lost quite a few links. I would like to download something and install it. Your advice and help will be appreciated. I use PSE 9.


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Hi, I am just now seeing this. So sorry! I don't know a thing about PSE 9 and am no help on this question. Have you googled what you are looking for? I have PSE 11 and can do quite a bit of what you are seeking just using PSE. They have really enhanced it. And I understand PSE 14 is even better. I have also found great tutorials on PSE 11 on YouTube. Maybe there will be something there for PSE 9. I just went and checked and there are quite a few tutorials for PSE 9. Hope this helped a little bit.