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Hello everyone.

I would love some feedback on my Lucky Dip Challenge please. It can be negative or positive and it doesn't have to be public, you can send me a PM.

First off.........are you liking this challenge, and if so, are you interested in it being regular or semi regular? If not, can you tell me why?

Give me an idea of what you don't like/do like in the downloads, what you would like to see more of/less of?? I'm sure you get the idea. I just want to get a feel for what would suit you??

I've got my big girl pants on, so go for it...........

Thanks so much.
I love the new lucky dip challenge,I am hoping it will continue every month,the images give us plenty of choices to choose from, I for one am enjoying it very much and wouldn't want any changes.
I do have one request though,which is could we ask for more than one download as sometimes the time difference where we all live means I don't get mine until the next day...Thank you for making this fun challenge.xx
Yes please, I really enjoyed doing it.. I was going to ask for another, but time has been short for me this month and I will be away totally from my computer from next Sat 23rd to the following Sunday.
Robyn, love the Lucky Dip challenge and the beautiful images!
I am sorry,as you know I am Simi inactive at the moment,so my feedback is not accurate,
but I did check it out and it looks like an amazing challenge.
I think the theme is lovely to.
It is an interesting challenge as you don't know what you get as images. So it can be easy or tough. Anyway, I like it.
I would enjoy seeing it regularly even though I think that in the future I shall do one of each topic/month only.
I think it's great...although I had a hard time with what I had. But that's what it's supposed to be right? A challenge!
I love this challenge Robyn and would love to see it monthly. I very much enjoyed the umbrellas from the first round. I had to give it some thought, which makes it a challenge! I like the idea of choosing a theme, and then picking an item from that theme. The themes for me would be fantasy, hobbies, seasons, family, friendship, love, vintage, family heritage, animals, pets.
To be honest, at first the idea didn't appeal to me. But, I absolulty LOVE it. As others as pointed out it can be sort of difficult but that makes it fun for me. At my age, it helps to have something to stimulate the brain. In fact, I'm about to pm you for my fourth file. :)
I absolutely LOVE it Robyn and think it's an awesome idea. Fantasy does not interest me but of course we all have different likes. Seems as though you picked a winner so you might not need those big girls panties right now. How will this impact your time?
I think it's great...although I had a hard time with what I had. But that's what it's supposed to be right? A challenge!
Exactly! I was always aware that not everything was going to be everyone's 'cup of tea' and I think I put that in the original post. So yes, it's a challenge to pick out one thing that you can work with. It would be a really big challenge if you had to use everything in the download as they are very much a mixed, uncoordinated lot! :)
How will this impact your time?
It is time consuming, but I love doing it. One of the reasons I asked for feedback was to see just how much interest there would be for more Lucky Dip challenges. There has been a big response this month because it's new and members thought they would give it a try. BUT the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If members try once and think no thanks for the future, then I won't continue on with it. :)
I really love it Robyn and would love to see it continue each month. It must be so much work and time consuming for you. I would be happy with any theme just makes it all the more challenging. Anything fantasy is very much me, but as I said anything would be great. I have had a week away so I have not done anything too much looking forward to getting back into it. Thanks once again.
Yes I enjoyed it Robyn, and would love to do more. Keep it up while you are enjoying doing it ❤️
I enjoyed it and the theme. I only had time to do one though. We have a lot of challenges and several have multiple choices. Maybe they could alternate months.