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Finish the Sentence + 1


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Here is the sentence to finish for November:
'Today is the day that...'
and the + 1 is please add a calendar date to your page.

Finish the sentence above in any way that you like and scrap a page around it....please put the whole sentence on your page!
Don't forget to add a calendar date and then upload your page to the 'Finish the Sentence +1' challenge section.....
please add your page to this thread as well.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your creations :)


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Thank you Anne for hosting this popular challenge.



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Didn't have any ideas for this until life intervened. Ah, the nightmare of updating prescription plans for coming year. If my agent hadn't checked, my current plan (premiums and drug costs) would have gone to $35,000 in 2020! If you haven't already best check your plan. Companies are dropping drugs from formularies and changing tiers etc.