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Follow on from my first message about daisytrail software


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Have downloaded the software again,do I use a previous code for a old one that’s not working to get my new download up and running.the one I had suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago,it said the software would not close it was corrupt and I closed it to turn computer off,would not go again, but I still have the code availed,so reading everyone’s input I need to purchase a software with code included to use,and that the windows ten issues will not appear
Thank You to absolutely everyone.


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@Alfred please see above. I am passing your question on to Alfred,who is in the Serif help forums,and who is the Guru on anything CA.
I can not remember if they sent me a separate /new code.


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As far as I know, a valid product key should remain valid indefinitely. Uninstall the software, reboot your computer and then (try to!) reinstall. Take a note of any error messages you get so you can report them accurately here.