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Frustrated and hurt!


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I agree with all that was said. You with your native language do it much better than I can.
Robyn, you should not be hurt and frustrated. With your generosity and your love, you are making a lot of folks very happy!

Rose Thorn

I agree with everyone else, for/to me, this is the best and most enjoyable, digital art/scrapbooking forum there is and, as you may know, Robyn, I've been taking part in the scrapbooking community for quite awhile (since 2008). Certainly, we, each of us, have changing opinions, desires and ideas, as time goes by (for instance, when I started, I had a goal to meet, a gift of family history through photos and stories for the wedding of my niece; after working on that for 3 months round the clock, I was hooked/addicted and needed to find more things to do, like archive the hundreds of photos that I inherited from my parents - still have not finished, so I became a freebie hunter and eventually joined a few CTs with the 2-3 pages per kit requirement and the requirement to post them in 3 - 4 galleries.....that became a problem to keep up with and, frankly, I felt it was a bit wrong of the designers to require other sites to have their CT created pages published by other sites (basically asking for free advertising); I eventually began designing but vowed that I would never put together my own CT. After being part of a store for a few years, I decided to leave and give my creations free as a sort of pay-it-forward sort of thing....the time for making any reasonable amount of money designing is gone, so why work so hard "selling" one's self and doing all the battling over advertising. I just want to keep it all fun.
Bottom line, Robyn,this is YOUR site and it should be WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE. Anyone unhappy with it should start their own site (they'll quickly see that it's not so easy and its a huge responsibility!
Everyone who matters here, loves you Robyn. Please, relax and do whatever you want; funny thing, I was just yesterday wondering if you ever get a chance to do any of your own art; if not, plese make time. ⏲