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For those who enjoy songs and no, :-32you will not have to sing the songs ( not that we could hear you singing anyway )

Here is how the game works:

I will start by sharing the title of a song and who sang/wrote it, then the next person chooses ONE word from the title and is in the title of another song which they will share along with who sang/wrote it. To make this game easy you are allowed to choose the small words that are in songs - the, and, me, you .... etc.

Here is an example:

I might start with: Little Darlin by The Diamonds

the next person - Hey LITTLE Girl by Del Shannon

then the following person - Bad GIRL by Madonna

It may help to either type in capital letters or highlight with colour the word you have chosen to use.

Here is the first song to get us started:

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley


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I Hope You DANCE by LeeAnn Womack


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All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth by Nat King Cole