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This month the Gi'mi Challenge is a little different . There are 3 parts to it, posted over 3 different weeks but I really thought it could be fun, so here goes ;
Gi'me Light please , more specifically the light of dawn !
Give me the best dawn light you can. Gi'me a page that says dawn to you. That I can tell is dawn , that is just uhmmmmm !
I chose a blend of 5 different papers, with a wee bit of masking , and a lot of erasing on the different layers. ( it was fun to do , it really was ) and in the end I "overlayed" a photo of a pier on a lake over it. And used a multiply blend mode .
Then added a magic light from an NBK kit ( but anything bright will do ) and defused that by altering the transparency.
Post it under miscellaneous in the Gallery, and here in this thread, so I know you have posted.
I am posting an example of just the blended papers ; You do not have to do the challenge this way, any thing that says dawn light to you is fine. But please not just a photo of dawn ....
Have fun, I can't wait to see your light of dawn pages !


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:-28I will have to get my thinking cap on Thank you for the challenge Vivi .xxx
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:-1this looks really fun Vivi, I will try to participate, I guess Dawn is sunrise if I am not we post like a progressive chllenge? This is step 1, I guess...Ok, I will figure it out by myself and come back.


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Here's mine Thank you for the fun challenge
I am using 4 papers blended and re-coloured.
2 0verlays blended and re-coloured from Rosie's Beside the Seaside Bundle and A and K Art Seasons in the Sun Collection.
Magic light for the sun re-coloured cropped and blended from AASP Designs Artplay Palette Magoa
Papers are from Rosie's Designs. Beside the Seaside. A and K Art. Seasons in the Sun Collection.
Overlays from A and K Art.and Rosie's Beside the Seaside



Here is my take on dawn.
PS Marisa Lerin 48487 gard
Oscraps collabs - cozy & LL sailing
SI fall forest birds
A Wolff destination city scapes.
I didn't use any photos.