CHALLENGES Gi'me Gi'me part 2


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Part two of the Gi'me challenge is here. I asked you to Gi'me Light , this month, and I would LOVE to see some sunlight this week. Make my eyes squint in the sun, make me want to swim, or pick flowers, or take a gentle walk, but above it all make the sun shine !
You can make the page in any way you like, it is not required to make your own scene ( but it is fun ) Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Please post in the miscellaneous gallery , and here in this thread, so I do not miss your pages.


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Challenge Host - July
Gorgeous sunny page Thank you for the challenge I am away to see what I can come up with back soon.xx



Picture little mermaid - Pixabay
sakada - me and the sea
mary pop - time of change
JA birthday 2021
TDC - Alice
LMS - galapagos
Oscraps - city lights and cityscape
I'm so looking forward to part 3!