Gone again


The Wanderer.
Well friends and fellow scrappers. The time has come for me to disappear again from the site.

I will be gone and travelling and will not be able to scrap again until probably the end of October.

At that time I look forward to catching up on looking at all the beautiful layouts you will have completed.


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I shall look forward to your return Jody and perhaps seeing some photos of your travels. Happy travelling!


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I will miss you. Have a great time on your travels and take lots of photos to scrap. xxxx


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Jody, have a wonderful and fun time on your travels.


The Wanderer.
Back in the country, had a wonderful time. Hopefully can get back to scrapping in the near future...

Thanks for all the "happy holiday" wishes.


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Hi Jody welcome back I'm glad you had a wonderful time I am looking forward to seeing your pages. xxx


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Nice to see you back Jody and hope you had a wonderful time.xxx