"Grab my Kit" - Childrens Carnival


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In Germany carnival time! Today is Shrove Monday! :-45
So you can grab my "Childrens Carnival" - Add-On!

Click to DOWNLOAD!

You know: when even you have time, you can play with it.
Than show us a layout with this Minikit!
Please post your pages here in this thread and also in the challenge gallery HERE and link back to this thread.

Everyone get a link to the complete kit via PM, who participated in this challenge.

This is the complete kit (67 elements and 25 papers):

I wish you much pleasure in the challenge and look forward to many participants! :)


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This is delightful Gabi and what wonderful colours! THANK YOU.


Sue C

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oooh, specially love the bubbles and balloons :) ... Thank you Gabi :-42


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Oh my! That carousel is stunning! I have never seen one with a bird. What a beautiful layout!


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Gabi, thank you very much for the beautiful Children's Carnival add-on!


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This is a very striking page. I've seen carousels with birds, but never one positioned like this one. How beautiful!

Sue C

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Memory .... after the morning I had could not go to Mardi Gras but this is what my muse told me she wanted :) ... Thank you Gabi ... this little kit is so pretttttty :)



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Evelyn, the background is a photo of the festival parade coming down a street. You can just make out some people at the bottom and the buildings along the sides. Then I took one of Gabi's papers and placed it on top and brought the opacity way down so you could just see the parade through the paper. I then took another paper and used a starburst as a mask, then brought the opacity down. Thanks for your nice comment!