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"Grab my Kit" - Cozy Winter Evening


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This is the Minikit in november - and when even you have time to play:

Click to DOWNLOAD!

Show us a layout with this Minikit!
Please post your pages here in this thread and also in the challenge gallery HERE and link back to this thread.

Everyone get a link to the complete kit via PM, who participated in this challenge.

This is the complete kit (82 elements and 18 papers):

I wish you much pleasure in the challenge and look forward to many participants! :)


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Tausend Dank, liebe Gabi (I copied this from Veronika) ... you are such a wonderful member here, Gabi and I thank you for your kits ♥


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It looks so fantastic, Ursula!
Wonderful memories of an unforgettable holiday, I think!


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What a beautiful kit Gabi.............LOVE the colours. Thank you, as always, for your generosity in sharing your work.

Sue C

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oohhhh ... a very decadent kit Gabi .. thank you ... chocolate and champagne .. could it be any better ? :)