"Grab my Kit" - The Autumn Knocks


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Gabi, thank you for fixing the link and thank you for the beautiful mini.


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cats4jan;n11863 said:
Got my whole kit already. Can't wait to work with the rest of this beautiful kit.

Thanks Gabi - the downloads are now working very well - no problem at all. Guess, it was all about "sharing" - once you "shared" we could all grab it.
One Drive may be the answer to your problems. At least I hope so. You have been so patient and I appreciate it.
The problem was: I shared it at first with "editing allowed" - so you must have an account to take it.
Now I shared it with "view only" - and it works! :)


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Wonderful photos, wonderful layout and a see the first snow in the peaks of the fantastic mountains! :-8

Sue C

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Wow ... that's for both the kit AND what eveyone's created with it WoW :) .... this little dog was the cutest little pup and cat friendly .... they used to play together and hunt grasshoppers and crickets in the field together ... too cute.



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Wow Gabi your kit is so beautiful! Hope life settles down so I can come and play again....


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I think, there is a message, but I can't understand it unfortunately, because of my bad english skills.
But check your "Messages" please, Evelyn!