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I have joined this forum to ask a question as we have a fault with our installed Craft Artist 2 Pro.
When we changed to Windows 10 Serif gave us a link to download a compatible program, worked ok. Yesterday when opening it started to open a working page, but then the whole machine froze and blocked internet access as well. Serif's link now doesn't work, but found Serif Craft Artist 2 Professional Full BH : BH : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive. Does anyone know if this is a 'usable' copy of Craft Artist? I have tried Serif's forum, but that's really only for Affinity programs not Legacy!!
Any help and comments will be gratefully received.
Hello Jethro. I can't answer this question as I don't use CA, but a lot of people here use the program and so I'm sure help will be on the way soon.

I think I've seen a lot on Facebook about this and apparently the problem has been 'solved'.

Try looking here .....

Hi Jethro :-57 to Just Art, I hope you get craft artist sorted, the beginners club at face book are very helpful, Grace has already said Jane Marion posted a thread on here, which helped me as my craft artist would not load up.xx
First welcome.
I am sorry I am not able to help directly. I do know that last time I downloaded CA it was from Serif via a cleverbridge link. But I think Serif have washed their hands of everything. How ever there is a forum Post here you might find useful. Scroll a bit until you come to the Windows bit. But I would try switching of the internet first, before you load,as was said by @Marion and @Rosie.
Hope you stick around ....we have fun here.
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Jethro. There was a problem with CAP after a Windows update. As far as I know the problem is now sorted 😃