Guidelines for use of our gallery.

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1. CREDITS - You may use products from any designer (retired or not) and from any store. Please include the appropriate credits for the name of the kit, designer and store, but OUTSIDE LINKS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Important! Because of potential copyright problems, please remember to also leave credits for any photos that you have used, including personal photos. No details are required for personal photos, just list them as - Photo/s - personal.

2. DAILY UPLOADS - Please limit your uploads to THREE images per 24 hour period.

3. FILE SIZE - Maximum upload is 1000 px width x 600 px height and try and keep your file size to around 250 kb please.

4. LEAVING COMMENTS FOR OTHERS - Please share your work in a respectful manner. Although it is no longer a 'use of gallery' requirement, it is expected that gallery users will leave comments for other members. Leaving comments has always been part of the Just Art culture and these comments are encouraged and very much appreciated!

5. CREATIVE TEAM PAGES and DESIGNER PAGES - CT pages and designer pages (and blatant advertising) are NOT permitted to be uploaded to this gallery.

HOWEVER, if you would like to post some of your creative team pages and/or designer pages here, you are WELCOME to do so provided that you also participate in THREE of our challenges per month. It is easy enough to combine one of our challenges with a CT page or designer page, and you are encouraged to do so. If you post a CT page that is not part of a challenge, it would be appreciated if you would upload to the CT pages category and also add the tag #creativeteampage. If you are a designer please tag your page with #designerpage

This guideline has been put in place, not because we don't LOVE seeing beautiful CT pages/designer pages, but because unfortunately our gallery was becoming a 'dump and go' gallery for CT requirements and advertising. We hope you understand why this requirement was put in place and respect this guideline. THANK YOU.

6. COPYRIGHT - Do not upload a page that uses a copyrighted image Please be very careful about copyright! Lots of images from sites such as Pinterest are subject to copyright. A good rule is, if in doubt - don't use it.


Please note that these guidelines were revised on the 27th July, 2019

No. 5 guideline was added 31st August, 2019.

No. 5 guidelines was further revised on July 7th, 2023.
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