Guidelines for use of our gallery.

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Please be aware the gallery is for the use of ACTIVE FORUM MEMBERS ONLY.

for the purpose of uploading to the gallery) is defined as a member who participates in at least TWO CHALLENGES per month.

You are of course most welcome to upload other images as well.

If you do NOT use the gallery (
for uploading images other than challenge images) in any given month then you do not need to participate in the two challenges to remain an active member.

1. You may use products from any designer (retired or not) and from any store. Please include the appropriate credits for the name of the kit, designer and store, but OUTSIDE LINKS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

2. There is a limit of 3 UPLOADS PER 24 HOUR PERIOD.

3. Maximum upload is 600 px x 600 px and a file size of no more than 250 kb.

4. It is a requirement that at the time of uploading your page you leave a comment on at least TWO other pages in the gallery for every ONE page that you upload. Please try and leave a MEANINGFUL COMMENT rather than a generic one or two word comment such as 'great page'. Helpful, positive feedback means a great deal to the creator. THANK YOU.

5. DO NOT upload a page that uses a copyrighted image (your page will automatically be DELETED without notice if you use a copyrighted image) and if applicable, make sure you give the appropriate credits for any other images etc. that you use in your page. Please be very careful about copyright! Lots of images from sites such as Pinterest are subject to copyright.

A lot of sites are 'copyright safe' and do not require credit. However, even though it is not always a requirement of various sites to leave credits, you MUST still leave credits for images that you use, even if it is your own personal stuff. This helps our admin team determine if your pages infringe copyright. THIS IS NOT AN OPTIONAL REQUIREMENT!

6. CT layouts are prohibited UNLESS you are an active forum member. We are NOT a dumping gallery for creative team members!!

Uploads that do not meet these requirements WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT NOTICE!!

Not open for further replies.