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Happy Birthday Robyn


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Thank you for the beautiful card Mary.

With time differences the birthday is all but over now. It was a pretty uneventful day. My husband and I don't do birthdays, but yesterday I had a nice lunch with my daughter Catherine (who worked today and so I didn't see her) and granddaughter, Lauren. My other daughter Jane was in Melbourne seeing the Professor who did her cochlear implant surgery.

Tom (grandson) arrived after school (very excited!) with a $2 bag of lollies that he had bought with his own money, and so that was very special. :)


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So pleased you had an enjoyable day we dont do birthdays either our gifts to each other are our holidays. It was good of Tom to have thought of buying the lollies.xxx


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Belated Happy Birthday, Robyn. How lovely that Tom bought you some lollies, the best present for sure.x 🎁


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Happy Birthday, Robyn - enjoy every second, smile every minute, be cheerful every hour, be happy whole life. All the best.


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Happy Birthday Robyn! I'm glad that you had a special treat of lollies.