Haven't forgotten everybody lol ... absent again !!

Sue C

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A couple of months of madness ..... Feb was a really work intensive Kaizen and along with that my nephew died suddenly of a heart attack ... 49 years old and then not being able to go to his funeral ... March ... ahhhh March ... crazy month but I have not forgotten you .. I'm working on something and should have it done by the end of the month or shortly there after :love::love::love::love:


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So sorry to hear of your sad news about your Nephew Sue it has been a rotten month for you please accept my condolences .xxx


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Sue, I'm sorry to hear about the sudden death of your nephew. It must have been so hard to accept not being able to go to his funeral.

But . . . .it's lovely to hear from you.


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Oh Sue, such sad news about your nephew, I'm so sorry to hear it ♥ Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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So sorry about your nephew. Must have been such a shock. Sending hugs xxxxx


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Sue, sorry to hear the sad news of your nephew. Thinking of you and sending you b ig hugs...

Sue C

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Thanks everybody ..... We weren't close but trying to support my sister has been the hard part .... how do you do that long distance ? ... we've managed though. I find it's showing in my art .. no surprise there :) ... spring is here this year, still waiting to get my shot ... hubby is signed up for his first on Sunday thank goodness. I missed the category this time by 6 weeks lol so have to wait a bit longer....


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So young, so sorry to hear this. horrid not being able to go to the funeral.