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Hello from cold and snowy Michigan, US :)


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Hello.! My name is Joanna and am known as cutiejo1 in the digiscrapping world. I live in Metro Detroit, MI, US with my husband and two daughters.
I used to paper scrap, and well, honestly, I got tired of lugging everything around. There is still a time and place for paper, but not near as much now that I have digi! lol And lets just say I have been an addict of digiscrapping for a long while :)
I started scrapbooking so that my daughters and family would be able to have the pictures in a book instead of scattered and unorganized. Therefore, many of my pages are multi-photo pages. Since I'm caught up now, anything goes! ha!
I see many people on Just Art that I know already. Those that I don't, I hope to get to know better. Thanks for having me!


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Hello Joanna, and WELCOME to our community.



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Great to meet you Joanna! I hope you stay warm and know I feel your pain as I'm in NY. Welcome to Just Art!


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Hello Joanna, nice to meet you here.
You reminded me of my time in Detroit. Long ago, when I was 21 I lived for about 10 months in Detroit or more exactly in Grosse Point, close to Lake St. Clair. I was there to improve my school English, but when I came back my former English teacher in Switzerland was shocked about my American accent. I had a great time there, it was the beginning of the great Detroit sound.

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Wow Joanna!! You are caught up on your scrapbooking! I wish I could say the same. Welcome neighbor!! I'm from Wisconsin. Yes, it is quite snowy this month. We are in the middle of a snowstorm. At least we will have a white Christmas! I look forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery!
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Hi Joanna, welcome to Just Art! Could you please send some snow dowunder, I am so sick of our horrible HOT days of late...... although today is a bit nicer! :)

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Welcome Joanna, we are so glad that you decided to join us. I'm with you on paper scrapping! I was a consultant for Creative Memories years ago and lugging all that stuff around was not my idea of fun. Digiscrapping, I LOVE! Look forward to getting to know you better.