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Hello from Montana, USA


I have been reminded to come introduce myself, so here I am.

I'm Sharon, known online as sbpoet. I make pictures and poems. I have a blog: Watermark | a poet's notebook, where you can learn more about me than anyone would want to know.

I'm delighted to have found this site.

Sue C

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Hello and welcome Sharon :) ... will take a look at your blog as soon as I have time .. I'm thinking Montana is pretty this time of year


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Hi Sharon! It's great to meet you and I loved having a look at your blog! Welcome to Just Art!


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Welcome Sharon and thank you so much for your review of the site. You have an interesting, informative blog.



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Ahhhh, the great state of Montana! That's on my bucket list! Welcome, Sharon. So glad you have joined us!!


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Hi Sharon and welcome to Just Art. I'm glad that you joined Just Art.


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this is a most awesome place, Sharon ... I hope you enjoy it
Hello, Sharon. Welcome to Just Art, you are going to love this place! I took a look at your blog and Instagram and I loved them. Your layouts are so unique and artistic! :)