Hello from north of Boston


Hi there! My name is Barbara and I love to scrapbook. I joined in 2018 but then Life got in the way.
I'm retired with 2 grown children and a husband who likes to buy farm equipment for our 16 acres.
We used to have horses and I gardened a lot but now it's rolling fields and lots of weeds.
I still like to be a little quirky so hope you'll get my sense of humor.
Looking forward to taking part in this wonderful site.
Hello Barbara. It's always great to see a returning member. :) WELCOME back.
:-57 Back ..... I recognised you straight away Barbara, it is great to have you back here again....looking forward to seeing your pages.xx
Hello Barbara, I'm north of Boston also. I lived in MA and worked in Boston throughout the 1970s & 80s then had a family and moved to NH in the mid 90s. Been digital scrapping since 2008, although I don't do lots of it anymore. Welcome (back) to this fabulous group that @Robyn so generously provides for us to gather. (y)