Hello from Northwest CT


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Hello ladies my real name is Debby.I have been digi-scrapping since 2008 before that I did 27 full Creative Memories books.

I have been married for 43 years have 2 grown married children, our daughter &SIL has a 13 yo.girl and a 9 yo.boy, our son and his wife are expecting their first in Sept. We live in NW CT but keep a boat in SE CT so you will see travel pages from me. We have spent every summer weekend and any other time we can living on our boat and traveling when possible.We are mostly retired but DH is working part time this summer.

He-we spent 7 years in the Army so lived in MD, Germany and Tenn. before move back to CT with our families.

My favorite job was managing a fabric store and teaching sewing, then I had a sewing business but when we moved to our small house there is no room for it, then a few jobs but retired 3 years ago. Now I work one day a week cleaning the offices in my son's auto repair shop, wednesday family dinners and keeping up the house, gardens and boat.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone on this new wonderful didi-scrap place!!!
WELCOME Debby! It's lovely to have you on board. Living on the boat sounds very 'exotic'! LOL I think you will find a lot of women here that you will have a lot in common with.
Hello Debby; I'm so glad you joined everyone here and I really think you'll love Robyn and what she has planned for us. I also know that everyone will love your creations just like I do.
Hi, Debbie. Wow... you managed a fabric store!!! My fabric stash would be even BIGGER than it is if I had worked in one. Yes, I love sewing, too. Love teaching others to sew. A few years ago, I taught my Red Hat Chapter how to sew so we could all have the same costumes for one of the conventions we attended. It is great to see the gals now sewing other things and enjoying it. Sorry your house is too small for you to continue your sewing business. Sounds like fun to spend time living on a boat. Can't wait to get to know you better.
HI Debby, nice to meet you. Envy your fabric shop days....I would have most of it in my cupboard, I love beautiful fabric and paper!!
Hi Debby! We used to have a houseboat but it was on a lake so we didn't get to see the world on it! Good to have you here.