Hello from Texas!


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I'm Josie, and I'm a 20 year old autistic woman from Texas. I've lived here for 5 years, but was born and grew up in Ohio until I was 15. I used to be really into artistic bullet journaling, but I found I couldn't fit enough tasks on a page that way, so I switched to the traditional Ryder Carroll style of bullet journaling. Sometimes I switch between having a bullet journal and following David Allen's Getting Things Done method. To satisfy the creative bug, I now do various kinds of collage. I junk journal, gluebook, and have the supplies to scrapbook, though I haven't started my scrapbook yet.
:-39to Just Art Jose, you will love being here,we have some amazing challenges which you can join in anytime you wish...Looking forward to seeing your creative pages.xx
Hi Josie and welcome to Just Art! It's wonderful that you are leaving comments for others in the Gallery. I suggest you read the Forum FAQ and Gallery FAQ and if you have questions, please ask. Please join in the challenges and have fun.
Hello Josie. A very WARM WELCOME to our Just Art Community.