Hello from Thailand!

Elysian Studio

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My name is May. I live in Bangkok, Thailand with my hubby. We have only one daughter. She is fifteen years old already. She is the reason I started scrapping. I am also a designer at PBP. My design name is "Elysian Studio". You might not be familiar with my design name but actually I'm not new to designing digital scrapbook supplies. My previous design name was "Siamese Studio", but I have been hiatus from designing and the digi-land since 2011. After a little more than ten years, I got my way back into digital scrapbook once again and I'm very happy about it.

Nice to meet all of you here at Just Art Scrapbooking, I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.
:-57 May to our friendly group, it's lovely to have you here, I have just seen one of your pages which you created .. I hope we see more.xx
WELCOME May, I am thrilled to have you join our Just Art community. It's nice to see you designing after such a long break. :)
Hi May :-59 to Just Art. Hope to see soon some of your creations ♥♥♥