Hi everyone, I'm Ashley! I design my own art and do greeting cards, so I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to post my stuff here. But there are so few forums for creative people out there that I decided to join this one JA5 (I've also been toying with the idea of turning my art into stamps and/or digital downloads)
Hi Ashley and welcome to our Just Art community.

You are most welcome if you would like to join in our challenges and social forum chit chat etc. BUT it is not a site that you can use to just promote your art, greeting cards etc. Commercial advertising is not permitted, with the below exception.

The exception is .......we have designers here of scrapbook kits, but because they are active forum and gallery participants they are encouraged to promote their kits.

You are most welcome to use your art to make pages and I look forward to seeing your work in our gallery and getting to know you on the forum.

See Vivi's #post 7 below for some useful information.
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Hi Ashley and welcome to Just Art!

Please join in the challenges. There is a Greeting Card challenge that you will enjoy and there are challenges where you can use your art.
Hi Ashley :-57to Just Art ...we look forward to seeing your pages.xxx
So glad you found this wonderful group - looking forward to see your creations, Ashley
Hi and welcome. For sure you can use your Art to make pages. I sometimes post photos of cards I make, But turn them into a scrap page. And the challenges are fun.
In the gallery description it would be EX ; Kits;
elements by ; Penloves productions
papers by Penloves productions
but you cant link....