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Hello from a new member, this group was suggested to me by a current member and I'm so glad I clicked the link. I have been creating layouts for many years and just love discovering new techniques and ideas. I have a million 'butterflies, flowers and ribbons' and tired of buying new kits to keep up with everyone. I love that this group is just passionate creative people who are happy to share their layouts using a variety of fabulous designers.
Hello Debra, I am delighted to welcome you to our Just Art community. I think you will find a lot of like minded people here ....... including me. I too have a million butterflies, flowers and ribbons!

I look forward to seeing your work in the gallery, and already an exquisite page uploaded!

:-57 Debra,to Just Art,we are so happy you have joined us, I Iove butterflies,I am looking forward to seeing your pages.xxx
Hi Debra and welcome to Just Art! Love the gorgeous page you posted in the Gallery. If you have any questions, be sure to ask.
:-56 Whooo Hoo! Another Debra in the family happy days! Your introduction page into the hug is BOOM!
:-57Debra to Just Art! I'm sure you will have much pleasure being here.
Love the fantastic pages you posted in the Gallery.
Looking forward to seeing more of your works in the gallery.♥♥♥
Sorry I am Late to welcome you, still paying catchup.....but a warm welcome and I hope you have lots of fun.