Miss Social Chatty-ness
It's 2:00 pm, est, here in Maryland USA and it's a semi full house right now in this little corner of the world ... HELLO FRIENDS ♥
Hey there Ev
Just me and hubby here. I am busy making an 'Add-On' to the kit I made for the birthday collab. I am resting up for the June 3 week stay here of my English cousins.
The garden is coming along, what there is of it. Daffs and crocus are blooming. Pretty soon the cherry blossoms will burst out.
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Hi dear Eve, the Cats and I have a quiet Sunday over here. To my surprise
the sun has shone the most time of the past week but it shall change. Have
done more pages which I can´t wait to post.
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Hello! We're having a quiet Sunday here, too. It's 3:30 PM here. The sun is shining, but it's only 45 degrees. The next few days are supposed to warm up.