Help please with Tagging items, no ADD button


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Hi, I've never used Tagging before but decided I should now use it. Under the instructions on help bar I am being asked to
1) Select thumbnail
2) Type term in Tags panel
3) Click ADD
4) To add more tags repeat 2 + 3
I don't seem to have an ADD button to click. I do have a Done button, but if I click on it the thumbnails disappear and I'm left with items in panel on left.


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I presume yo are in Digikit creator?
When you have tagged all your elements (you can use F3 to move from one to another) you can
click DONE but it will only keep them for the time you have the kit open. When you change kits or exit Craft artist they will go and you start all over. It is best to save the kit once you have tagged everything to be sure they remain.
Tagging is useful if you want to look for a particular element/colour/texture so don't scrimp on what you tag your item with.
Hope this helps xx : 0)


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Hi, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I seem to have drawn a blank with tagging items, I've tried and tried but I am obviously doing something wrong or not doing something I should.
I've search the internet but cannot find a video/youtube relating to tagging items in CA 2 so wondering if anyone on here has a link they could share?


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Hi @shirley my guess would be that you have buttons you can not see when you open the digikit creator. Depending what kind of monitor you have part of the digikit creator is hidden , I have this problem. and have given up fixing it. On my old laptop I had no problems on my desktops I can never see the whole thing.
It should look like this
note the tree buttons underneath everything , Tag digikit , save and done If you can not see them you can not use them and anything you do will not be saved.
If you can see them, them that is the 3 buttons to use, not repeat NOT the button on your right for tagging individual items,that one is only for tagging the kit it self.
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