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Home again


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I have been on my three weekly trip to see my friend. She is still in hospital but is making progress. They tell me this time that it will be at least another two to three months before she is home. What a terrible time she has had. Still hooked up to drains and being fed through tubes, the only solid food she is allowed is jelly (I would be right brassed off with that). She is in good spirits and I was able to take her dad to see her this time which was lovely. I took my laptop with me thinking I was going to have lots of scrapbooking time but I forgot my mouse, so now I’m in catch up mode. I hope I haven’t missed too much.


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Wow, that is a LONG time to spend in the hospital. I'm glad you were able to visit her and that she's making progress!


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What a terrible time your friend has had and STILL months away from complete recovery! What a great friend you are Lindsay.


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Welcome back Lindsay. Glad your friend is slowly improving. What a wonderful friend you are!!!!


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Lindsay, welcome back. You are a special friend and it was thoughtful of you to take her dad to visit her. It's wonderful that she is in good spirits.