How do I delete or move multiple gallery images in one go?


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Moving or deleting more than one gallery image can be very time consuming.

1. Here's how you can delete images in a more efficient manner than deleting or moving each image individually.

To open your gallery.......

If you are on a forum page, open your gallery by clicking on the down arrow next to Gallery (in the top navigation bar) and select Your Media.

If you are already on the gallery page, select in the top navigation bar Your Content and then Your Media.

Then proceed as in the image below.


2. Once you press go you will be presented with this option if you selected to delete. There is no need to give a reason.


3. If you selected to move, you will be presented with this option and you can choose the category where you wish to move the image.


NOTE: You can only select from the 32 images that are on the first page of your gallery. You will need to go to the other pages if the images you wish to delete or move are not on that first page.

It may be helpful to apply a filter (i.e. perhaps you just want to delete your images from the Progressive Scrap gallery) before you begin the process.

This how you would do that.