How do I insert an image in my post? How do I get a gallery link for my image?


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There are several different ways that you can do this.

1. You can insert an image into your post by using the insert image icon and can directly upload the image to the post using the image URL. If you choose to insert the image this way, the image won't be linked, unless you click on the inserted image to select it and then click on the chain icon to paste in the URL of the image.


Keep scrolling down, because there are much better and more efficient ways of inserting a linked image into a post.

2. The easiest and quickest way is to use the Gallery Embed icon. With this icon you can insert an image directly from the gallery.


3. When you click on the Gallery Embed icon you will see the below pop-up. Choose the image you wish to insert into your post and click on Continue.


4. The gallery media shortcode for that image will be inserted into your post.


5.After clicking the Post Reply button, your image (and information about your image) will appear in your post (as shown below) and also the image will automatically be LINKED to the image in the gallery. You can preview your image before you post it by clicking on the Preview button.


6. There are other options which you can use and you can find these in the gallery. Go to the image in the gallery that you want to add to your post and find the Share this media box on the right side of the page. There are four options from which to choose. To copy any one of these options just click on the colored symbol on the left side of each option.


7. The first option is the Copy image link. This would now be considered the 'old' way of inserting an image into a post. If you use this option, go back to your post, select the Insert Image icon (little square with the mountain) and then paste in the code that you have just copied. The inserted image won't be linked until you manually link it by selecting the image, choosing the link icon (chain) and pasting in the image URL.

8. The second option, Copy image BB code will insert the image into your post. It won't have any gallery information and it won't be linked.

9. The third option, Copy URL BB code with thumbnail will insert a linked thumbnail into your post.

10. The fourth option, Copy Gallery BB code is the same as using the Embed icon from the forum, except this time you are directly copying that code from the gallery and then pasting it in the forum reply box, which means you need to have 2 windows open, whereas if you use the embed icon in the forum, it accomplishes the same thing without having to go back and forth from gallery to forum.
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Robyn, excellent tutorial. The Gallery Embed icon is easy to use.


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Thank you so much Robyn. That's what I needed to know. Now I can fix even latest layouts. :)