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I saw a post on Face book, that inspired me to do this challenge, not so much the question it self, but the hundreds of different answers it got; The question was ;
" As a child , what did you want to be when you grew up ? "
Loads of different jobs ( some times more than 1 pr person ) from test pilots, to nun , to teachers, nurses, and quite a few mum's and dancers, and a "boss" or two .
So of course my challenge to you is ;
Scrap your childhood dream job !
That's it, you can do it any way you like in any format,( even pocket pages could be fun for this I think, ) we just want to se what you wanted to be when you grew up .
Please put it in the miscellaneous challenge thread , and here in this post, so I know you have posted.

Enjoy, have fun, and I truly can not wait to see your pages .


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Challenge Host - September
Thought a lot about this Vivi and decided I wanted to say what I wanted to be rather than defined by what employment I chose to do. x