I'm loving the new changes to the site and I'm getting a brand new Mac mini !!!!!!!

Sue C

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There are quite a few changes and I'm loving them Robyn ... they make it so much easier to navigate through the site as well as being able to add an image straight to the message without going through the gallery ... it must save a lot of space as well. My new Mac mini should come in mid-January but who knows lol ... the one I have is 11 years old and my son bought it used ... it's OS can't be updated so the last update to Photoshop will not work ... Adobe tells me that every time there is an update lol ... I told him I had a certain amount of money to get a newer used version and he suggested I get a new one and he'd pay the difference ... now that is a Christmas present but it should do me for a good long while. It doesn't have an intel chip ... it has an Apple chip .. don't know what the difference is except it's supposed to be extremely fast and powerful .. we'll see :) ... when I realized this one was 11 years old and still working I knew I had to update and although the Macs cost more they have less issues with updates/replacements/spam etc etc so decided to stay with an Apple product.


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Robyn does a fabulous job of updating and making it easier to use the site,

Sue, wonderful news that you are getting a new Mac mini!


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Wowser,bet you are looking forward....as a kid ..... on Christmas.
What a lovely thing for your son to do ,and you have been doing so many great things , especially since you took your course, that it would have been a shame not to be able to update. Have fun when it gets there...


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I agree with you too about the site.......it’s so easy to get around and, what an amazing present. Apple is definitely the best (never thought I would say that), had my MacBook for 2 years now and still going fast & strong although, this last update has shown a few glitches but Apple normally get things sorted quickly so hoping for another update soon.


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Robyn has done a really good job on getting around the site it is so easy peasy now.
Sue I am so pleased you are happy with the your Mac Mini.


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oooh Sue that new computer sounds fantastic and I know you will be able to create some wonderful images with it.

Thanks Robyn for keeping us posted on how we can tart up our profiles. I made a banner but noticed that I lost my name and title under my picture to the left when I changed it. sigh:-N