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As I will be oversea for the whole month of December and may not have reliable internet, this will be the last In Print Challenge for the year.

In Print Challenge
This is a Month Long Challenge that consists of three visual prompts each with a different theme. You can create a page by using any of the visual prompts as your inspiration or have a have a go at all three different visual prompts with a different page for each one, it’s totally up to you. The challenge name implies that all these images have been in print generally as advertisements, either on a web site or in a magazine.

Using the visual prompt images below as your inspiration, create a layout using 1 or 2 or 3 prompts. Create a page to the usual size of 12 x 12 (3600 x 3600pxl), resize to 600 x 600 for uploading to the Members Gallery and then link it to this forum. Please put the visual prompt name in your upload title Like this, In Print Challenge – Visual Prompt 1, 2 or 3
Visual Prompt 1
Visual Prompt 2
Visual Prompt 3

Some really simple rules:
• Use Any products in your stash old or new
• NO Quick Pages or Templates
• Include text/wordart on your page.
• Your LO can be ANY style as long as it represents the visual prompt, for example colour, image/s etc, it doesn't have to be a mirror image of the visual prompt.
• You must include at least one photos/images or any number that represents the prompt used
• Please include the prompt you used in you upload intro Like this, In Print Challenge – Visual Prompt 1, 2 or 3

I hope you enjoy this month long challenge and I’m really excited to see your creations – think outside the box with these and pull out all stops on your creativity.

Have fun with these challenges.

Ask any questions in the In Print forum if you need help or clarification or check the introduction on this page to this challenge.


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Here are my 3 Visual Prompts for In Print November Challenge.

Oh my, these are fantastic! Your first of the city is especially extraordinarily created. I am in awe.