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inviting daisytrailers


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Hi Suz.... WELCOME to Just Art.............so pleased you have found us!


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I love it that there's a place for us who are having DaisyTrail withdrawals to get their DT fix again. But now that I've been here a few days, I have to ask, "Now what"? I found my way here and ldon't know what to do next. Is there a separate place for DTers to submit and/or uploads? Is this the page where we just DaisyTrail chat? I've looked and looked and obviously missed something and don't know what to do now. Please help me get unlost.


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Sorry, I have only just seen this. While there is a part of the forum dedicated to CraftArtist stuff, you are part of the Just Art family now. You can upload to the Gallery, take part in challenges, and join in with forum topics and discussions, Just think of it as your new home. xxxx


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Chubbins ... just jump right in with the rest of us ... never knew about Daisy Trail (I'm in the US) til there was an influx of DaisyTrailers ... y'all have brought so much talent and fellowship to Just Art and now we're a bigger creative group from all over the wide world ... it's an absolutely wonderful place Robyn has given us ~


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I hadn't heard of them either Evelyn until now and don't know why the group dismantled when there are so many of them, but I'm hoping that there won't be lot's of different groups within a group here as we all use different programmes, so I'm hoping they will integrate with this group and the members who were here before them.
A hearty welcome to you all.


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DaisyTrail was a community which was essentially set up by Serif (Europe) Ltd as a vehicle for selling 'digikits' for use with their CraftArtist software. Its small team, which was semi-autonomous, comprised illustrators and marketing staff, together with some technical backup for the shop and the forum. As on Just Art, the most active members regularly uploaded pages to the gallery, and the forum allowed users to share tips and solve problems as well as engaging in general chat. There were lots of blog articles, often including links to YouTube videos (which are still extant) and there were occasion competitions with digikits as prizes. The stated reason for the closure of DT was that they were no longer selling enough kits to keep it viable.