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Sue C

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When I was transferring files to the new EHD for my new Mac I found this little library pocket psd I had created last year and thought you could have some fun with it. Sorry it was so late but I has taken a week to set up my new Mac ... I had to reset the computer because I was getting an orange log in screen that asked me to log in but I couldn't actually type into the sign in box and cancelling just brought the orange screen back ... this happened with an OS update ... unplugging wiped that out thank goodness but I couldn't pair my keyboard with the Mini by bluetooth ... had to reset through another procedure .. Mac help this time then again when Apple decided my password was wrong .. that took 3/4 hour to straighten out ... poor fellow on the other end of the phone :) ... plugging in my tablet brought another issue .. Bit defender was preventing the drivers from installing so that took some time to figure out as well ... I'm finally up and running (knock on wood) ... Have fun with the little library pocket .. can hardly wait to see what you all do with it :)


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Sue, thank you for the library pocket.
It's great that you are up and running with your new Mac after having problems.