January 14-20 Kim's Gallery Picks


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This is always such a hard job, I have a hard time narrowing my choices down to only 10 with a gallery full of amazing-ness!

Special Album by jirsev

The young girl's expression drew me in, as did the softness of the page and the limited color palette. Beautiful masking and clustering, too.

A Place Called Home by DivaMom96

Another page with a limited color palette and beautiful masking. Great masking and design. Wonderful journaling.

January Quote Challenge by Migueline

The quote is one we all need to remember! The photo treatment and pastels are beautiful. Amazing colors and blending.

find my soul by kellygirl!

Each time I look at this page, I see something else in nature. Fantastic blending and choice of colors. Another quote I love.

Childhood Dreams by Barb

I wonder what the little girl is dreaming? Amazing blending, masking and textures. The simplicity of this page is perfect for the quote.

Beautiful Dreamcatchers by BrightEyes

The dark colors of this page first caught my eye in the gallery. The photo definitely illustrates the quote. Wonderful masking and textures and cluster.

Plot Twist by Rosie

The sense of movement Rosie created with the swirls and circles on this page is amazing. The pastels against the dark background really stand out. Another quote that we should all remember!

mood--board by lieblingsomma

Fabulous blending and colors and textures. Color often plays into my mood and the difference in the two photos really shows this--one happy and the other makes me wonder what's going on behind those eyes.

snowed in 19th by lindar

Such a fun page and great use of so many different fonts. (And for those of us who collect fonts, she's named them all in the credits.) So many things to think about and go hmmm...


This made me laugh! The expression is perfect with the title of the page. The bright colors make it even more fun.



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Fabulous choices Kim. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for choosing one of my pages xxxxx


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Beautiful choices and lovely comments, Kim. Congratulations to all featured and thank you so much for choosing one of my pages xxx


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What a variety Kim ... great job ... congrats to each artist on their chosen creation ♥


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Thank you Kim for my Gallery Pic..........I'm in some wonderful company! xxoxoxox