January 2020 Progressive Challenge


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By Kythe
Okay.Everybody ready?

Most of you know that I am a Canadian living on the west coast. Normally, we on the west coast, just get dreary rain while January in most of Canada means cold. We just got our first taste of the white stuff this week. So with that in mind, choose a photo that you think would fit with a typical Canadian winter. It can be a winter sport, or a winter scene….. really anything you want as long as it stays with the theme of a cold place.
A reminder to post your LO's in this thread, in your space, with a link to the Temporary Gallery.

You will need 2 photos. (You may duplicate the same photo if you like.)
Sunday Jan 12
Tue. Jan 14
Thurs. Jan 16
Sat. Jan. 18
Monday Jan 20

Step 1: Background Paper

Make a background paper using textures, masks and blends to create a wintry, cold effect.
If you have never done this before, start with a patterned paper or a paper that has a winter scene.
Choose a mask that does not have straight edges.
Blend the masked, patterned paper into the first paper.
Add a few elements using a soft light mode or decrease the opacity. Do not shadow elements that you use. They are to blend into the paper seamlessly.
DO NOT MERGE LAYERS. You may want to group or link them. Some adjustments can be made in step 4.
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January 14
Step 2: Create 3 interesting mats

- At the top left of your paper, place interesting elements, stamps or brushes to create an interesting photo mat. Keep it fairly simple and slightly larger than the photo you will use.

- Extend the mat no further than half way down the background paper.

- On the right side of the paper, near the bottom, make a similar mat but smaller in scale. Do not extend past the middle of the page. Keep in mind the photo size will be smaller than the first.

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Jan. 16 (The snow is falliing outside. The coldest temps on record for my area. I am tired of shoveling. I don't care how pretty it is!)
Step 3: photos:

- Choose a mask for the photo you wish to be more prominent. Place the masked photo on top of the largest mat. Be sure that a bit of the mat peeks out at some point.

- Frame or stroke the smaller photo. Place it on the smaller mat. (This may be a duplicate of the larger one if you want.)

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Easy day

Step 4: Jan. 18 clusters

- Create clusters in and around the mats and photos. Tuck some of the cluster elements behind the photos too.

Make any needed adjustments in position or size as needed but do not change the integrity of the composition.

View media item 67172Step 5: Title and text
Today is the final step of the January progressive Challenge. I have really enjoyed watching your creations come to life. (If I have missed commenting on any pages, it is not intentional, I just couldn't find them. lol)

- Add a title , word art or text somewhere on the page.
Tweak as you like, but do not make any radical changes.

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Here is my Day 1

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Day 2

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Day 3 -
1/18-reread instructions and changed photo 1 to masked photo and added stroke to photo 2

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Day 4 - put small stroke around edge of BG white paper
added clusters over and under both photos
added small dark stroke behind small photo

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Final Day - added Word Art

Thank you for another wonderful progressive, Karen.
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love a challenging challenge
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Not quite up and running yet , but will be by sunday !
yeah I have a working computer again. Here is my day 1
So sorry I was not able to do this, everything just conspired to defeat me... ( computer and challenge wise, not life )
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Planning on playing this month!
Edited for my Step 1 - until the temporary gallery is ready.
Our winters here in the Piney Woods of NE Texas last about 15 minutes - so my wintery mix represents those woods and are geared for the night when we can feel the winter chill and we can drink from the stars.

Step 2 - Now it gets scary! (my first time doing this, be gentle with me :oops: ;))

This process is both freeing and TERRIFYING! :oops: 😁

It's so dark here, I should delete and change my blending mode, I have to fix it NOW! OH NO! What am I gonna' doooooo?!?! ("Be patient Grasshoppa - this not the end. Welcome to the neurotic funhouse that is my mind!) :-52

Here's my Step 4. I'm a little late as I've been traveling and am now back into deep caregiving mode.

This process has been most interesting to me - last step I was wanted to over-stress on the details. This week, I had to push through to not leave it alone and add more. Once I let go into the process, I added a few more brushmarks to help lead the eye around the LO without letting them fly off the page and beefed up the clusters around the bottom photo. Again, an enlightening process.


A fantastic learning experience. Thank you for the challenge and the inspirations!
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Ready for sure! It's my favorite challenge! Thank you Karen for hosting!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
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MY spot

Step 5 - add text: AKD_WINTERBUTTERLY_WA

Step 4 - I enlarged the small mat just a tad

Step 3 - ok, so the mats don't stink as bad as I thought they would

STEP 2 - whew ... this was hard for me ... decisions, decisions

STEP 1 - we had an hour long snow squall last week with white-out conditions

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Here's my Step 01:
View media item 66936I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm having some big health issues and lumbar fusion surgery on the 27th. I just have not felt well enough to be here. I've seen all the comments that have been sent to me and I appreciate them and you all so much, but I just don't feel well enough to be at the computer for a long time to answer each one. I thought I'd try this challenge because it is my favorite one. Big Hugs

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