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January 2021 ATC Challenge


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Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Christmas evening I came down with what I thought was a severe migraine and sinusitis. Not exactly. Was told to isolate and treat all the symptoms as if it were flu but to call ER if I had breathing problems. Thank heaven that hasn't happened but still under the weather and running slight fever off and on. So I still won't be around much. Please forgive me if I don't respond promptly.

Just to refresh for anyone new:
ATC stands for artist trading card. They are mini pieces of art done in just about any medium. The only "rule" is that they must be 2.5" x 3.5" (or 750x 1050 pixels). Landscape or portrait position. They can also be any shape that fits within the parameters. If you are familiar with those plastic sleeves kids use to protect their baseball or football trading cards, ATCs will fit in the sleeves. Originally conceived of as a way for artists to share their art with friends and others, traditionally they were meant to be given or traded rather than sold. Of course, here at Just Art we are doing digital ATCs and we have a monthly challenge that I host. In the member's section you can find a zip containing various template shapes for ATCs.

Need ATC templates? Here is a link to mine:

Two options this month; you only need to choose one.

1) Scrap your own design for your zodiac sign

2) Scrap an ATC that reflects your word for the year

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Sherry thank you for the challenge and a great idea with the one word! I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been well but thankful that your illness hasn't developed into covid!


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Prayers sent your way that you are back to 100% by the time you read this. Being sick with anything during this pandemic is certainly scary. Take care of yourself!

My zodiac sign:


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Wow everybody, brilliant ATCs....looking forward to doing this - hope you're feeling better Sherry :-62 :-62