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Welcome everyone to our January Progressive Scrap. This scrap will be a little different from usual and hopefully you will enjoy it.

It's different in that you don't get to use your own stash! You can only use what I give you, and I'll give you a download on some (but not all) of the days.

You might think that doesn't sound too bad, BUT what I'm giving you is a lot of mismatched papers and elements - so it's the Junk Box Progressive Scrap! Nothing matches and so it's your challenge to look through the downloads, pick out what you think you can use and make it look good, and at the same time follow the rules of the challenge.

There will be some basic techniques involved. Apart from the obvious recolouring needed, you can do what you want to with these elements and papers (twist, bend, liquify, cut, chop etc.) Blend mode for layers may well become your favourite friend! You can achieve so many different looks by using different blend modes.

There won't be a lot of actual instructions about where you have to place things on the page etc. You will need ONE or TWO photos. Whether you use one or two will depend on choices made by you.

So let's get started......

DAY 1 INSTRUCTIONS - January 9th

Download Number 1 is HERE.

There are 9 papers in the download, but choose ONLY THREE papers and place them on the page however you wish, but with roughly about one third of each paper visible. Don't be too fussed about having equal thirds; when I say roughly, I mean just that. Make sure you have a couple of edges showing as you are going to be asked to do something with those edges on Day 3.

Also, don't worry about shadowing at this stage (unless you wish to do so) as you will have have the opportunity to do all the shadowing on day 5

Upload your image to the TEMPORARY January Progressive Scrap Gallery category. The temporary gallery will be deleted once the scrap is finished and as always, your Day 5 final image should be uploaded to the normal Progressive Scrap Gallery.

This is my Day 1 image.

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DAY 2 INSTRUCTIONS - January 11th

There is no download for today.

It is a pretty simple day and perhaps not that exciting, but I promise you that Day 3 will be better, and Day 4 will be quite a fun day!

So instructions for today are as follows. Add two photos. You can choose whether you want two different photos, or duplicate one photo as I have done. You decide where on the page you wish to place them.

I have chosen two round photos, but you can use whatever shape or shapes you wish. Lower the opacity (and/or change the blend mode) on one of the photos so it looks different to the other photo.

Do NOT put any frames around the photos just yet.

This is my day 2 page.

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DAY 3 INSTRUCTIONS - January 13th

You have a download for this stage HERE.

Given your choices from the previous two instructions, some of you may be pleased with Day 3 instructions, but some of you I feel are not going to be so happy. But I think that's all part of a progressive scrap......where a new set of instructions doesn't necessarily appear to be all that compatible with what you have done in the previous steps. Sometimes blend modes can be your friend in such circumstances. By that I mean if you have to use a certain element or elements you can make them a lot less noticeable, as I have done on my larger photo.


1. Place a border around BOTH photos. You can choose something from the download to use (remember you can cut and shut, recolour etc.) any of these elements to suit your purpose) AND / OR you can choose to just put a stroke (simple line) around the photo/s.

In my image, on the larger photo I have used an element from the download, but with a different blend mode and greatly reduced capacity. I have put a simple stroke (line) around the smaller photo.

2. Look through the download and choose something to decorate the edges of at least one of the papers. You can see that I've chosen a lace border. You can choose as many different borders (from the download) as you wish and decorate as many edges as you wish. I've chosen to use just one border element (twice) on one paper only.

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DAY 4 INSTRUCTIONS - January 15th

Download is HERE.

This is the fun day! In your download are all sorts of mismatched elements. Choose a lot or not many, but you must choose at least THREE elements from the download. If you wish you may also go back and select something else from Download 2 to use. Your choice, but get creative and make your page look beautiful!

Don't worry about shadowing as that is part of Day Five's finishing off.

Here is my Day 4.

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DAY 5 INSTRUCTIONS - January 17th

This step is simply finishing off your page.

1. If you haven't already done so, add shadows where you feel is appropriate.

2. Add some brush work, as much or as little as you wish. You can see I've added some purple brush work to the left and right of the larger photo.

3. Add a title.........and that's it!

Upload your final page to the Progressive Scrap gallery HERE. Make sure you don't upload your final page to the Temporary Progressive Scrap category or it will end up being deleted.

THANK YOU everyone for joining me in this scrap. The format/concept has been a little different, but I hope you have enjoyed it. I've really enjoyed hosting it, partly I think because of the excellent number of participants and their enthusiasm for the process.

ALSO......I would love to get some feedback from you.

Did you like the concept of this scrap? Yes/No.

Would there be any interest in me doing something similar (say smaller and perhaps over only 3 days) on a semi regular/regular basis? Yes/No.

Your thoughts, negative or positive, would be welcome and appreciated.

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Thank you Robyn for this junkbox!
I'm looking forward to what is coming...