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Welcome to the January 2023 ATC (Artist Trading Card) challenge!
If you are new to making ATCs, the only "rule" is that they must be 2.5" x 3.5" or 3.5" x 2.5" (That is 750 x 1050 pixels or 1050 x 750 pixels.) This is so that they fit into those plastic sleeves used for baseball trading cards, to preserve them. Normally, the back of physical cards has a title, name of artist, and date. They can be made in any medium, but here ours are digital. Here is a link to a zip of various ATC templates:
This month you only need to make one ATC to consider the challenge complete. Of course, you are welcome to make more. Please choose from one of the following themes:
1) Seasonal Fairy. Your ATC should focus on a fairy that represents your current season. That is, those of us in the Northern hemisphere will have a Winter fairy, while those living in the Southern hemisphere will have a Summer fairy.

2) Mew Year for Cats. Saw this mentioned on a list of holiday observances for January and since we have many members with cats, I thought it might be fun. If you were a cat, how would you like to celebrate the Mew Year?
Label your entry your-name_ATC_month_year. Upload your entry to the ATC gallery, then come back to this thread and show us your ATC. I will comment in the gallery.

*** Ladies, sorry I've been missing and ate to comment on your beautiful entries but I've got the flu. Tested for Covid and that was negative so just working on getting rid of symptoms. Headache better as is congestion so hopefully it is on its way out.
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My ATC for this Month - Thank you, Sherry ! :)