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January 21-27 Migueline gallery picks


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An other very difficult choice this week, too much great pages in this gallery

1- Auburn haze by Anita:
Fabulou photo treatment applied on this beautiful face, the choice of colors, stamped elements and nice cluster make this artsy page very attractive.


2- Be Amazing by Jeannette
Smashing page in the gallery. The bright yellow color, fabulous layering and everything highlights perfectly this beautiful B&W photo.


3-Fresh wind by Grazyna
The superb masked photo, the beautiful pastel colors and clustering make a gorgeous soft and delicate page.


4- Art play by Barb
Everything here demonstrates a great creativity: the choice of colors, the face beside a bucket of paint, the blending of each element result in a great artsy page.


5- Happiness by Pekarokiki
Beautifully scrapped page that brings us back to good values and that remind us that joy is not far sometimes...


6-New beginnings by Kythe
What a beautiful page all in beauty and delicacy. Love the soft blending, the colors, lace and the cute butterfly..very nice creation like a tender caress.


7- Little things by Mary
Love, love this composition simply fantastic and creative. Very nice masked photos in stitches frames, the beautiful soft blending and the big title make a brilliant result.


8- Not me by Wombat146 (Ona)
Fabulous vintage look with this beautiful masked photo in sepia tones, the big clusters and dark colors. very well done.


9- Paper Portrait by Scrapaholic Sherry
The rich colors, the layering and blending as a spectacular hat, the beautiful green eyes with a lilac touch and everything have produced an amazing page.


10- Solitude by Lotje66xx
fantastic photo treatment with texture blended in a nice lilac background and the captivating look of the woman mesmerizes almost the observer. gorgeous composition.

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Fabulous choices and great comments. Thank you Migueline!

Congratulations to everyone who is featured here.


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Beautiful choices Migueline and lovely comments - congratulations to everybody and thank you so so much for including one of my pages, that’s a really lovely surprise this morning, you’ve made my day ❤️❤️


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Great selection and comments, Micheline. Thank you for choosing one of my pages and congratulations to all featured xxxx


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Thank you Micheline for choosing my page ..delighted and a lovely choice of pages ..Well Done to everyone ♥♥♥♥


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These really are great choices...well done to everyone who created the pages, great work! x :-k